Ignite + Aggrieved & Aperture
17th March 2024 - 7:00 pm
Anarchy Brew Co

The spirited California-based five piece has waved a blindingly brilliant hardcore torch for over 25 years. IGNITE’s latest and self-titled album is the moment where they reconcile themselves with their history. “It never felt like a struggle or an effort,” says guitarist Kevin Killkenny “It felt like the five of us pulling in the same direction.” The album not only encapsulates their determination to redefine themselves but also stands as one of the strongest efforts to date. It’s IGNITE firing on all cylinders. Melodic, political, poignant and most importantly – driven. “The opening track ‘Anti-Complicity-Anthem’ is a mantra for me,” says Nik Hill (guitars). “It’s about having a voice in the face of the trials and tribulations we all face working through the shame, the indignity and the loss of life that have become part of our experience as individuals and as a country.” At the center of it all is the new vocalist Eli Santana, an unexpected choice for the band, but a perfect example of IGNITE’s willingness to step beyond expectations. “It’s a new chapter for IGNITE,” says Brett Rasmussen (bass). “But there’s a lot of looking back to some of our earliest records like ‘Call on My Brothers’ and having the same feeling writing these songs. This is what we love doing – as it was in 1993 and as it is now.”


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