(SOLD OUT!) Cattle Decapitation + Signs of the Swarm, Vomit Forth & 200 Stab Wounds
11th March 2024 - 7:00 pm
Reds Bar

Though many bands have tried, no one articulates the real apocalypse humanity is facing as vividly and succinctly as Cattle Decapitation. With 2019’s Death Atlas they reached the apex of this, perhaps leading some to believe they had no place left to go beyond such an achievement, but now they return with Terrasite, which is as bold a statement as they have ever made. As such, Terrasite pushes their sound further into more epic and varied territory, and in the hands of vocalist Travis Ryan the governing concept takes a new and disturbing direction. “I wanted to do the 180° opposite of Death Atlas. Since Death Atlas was so dark and brooding, I wanted this to take place in the daylight. I’ve always found daytime horror to be really unsettling, which also finds its place within the lyrics.”

The title is a word invented by Ryan that brings together ‘Terra-’ meaning earth and ‘-site’ derived from the Greek word ‘-sitos’ which means ‘food’. “The combination of the two meaning ‘earth-eater’, as a metaphor for humanity’s role in the destruction of the planet, and is a play-on-words of the very fitting word ‘parasite’.” This is vividly brought to life in the artwork by longtime collaborator Wes Benscoter. “We see the nymph stage of this human/cockroach hybrid that is more of a fully grown being that has just molted from its ootheca stage, startled, confused, frightened but also pissed off and ready to join the rest of its brood in finishing humanity’s job of destroying the Earth.”


Reds Bar 2 Sandyford Rd
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 8SB
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